Antonio-albanes-membrilloBy Ministerial Order of 19 of June 2017, the Ministry of Justice has decided to grant Don Antonio Albanes Membrillo the Distinguished Cross of 1ª Class of the Order of Saint Raimundo de Peñafort, according to their merits and circumstances.

The Order, created in 1.944, aims to reward the merits related to the study of law, professional dedication and services rendered, among others, by members of the professions directly related to the Administration of Justice..

Imposition of the Medal of Honor of the Bar Association of Madrid

Antonio Albanés lawyer. Medal of Honor ICAM 2016: "The law is the defender in front of the rights and freedoms of citizens"

Albanian-medal-honor-ICAMANTONIO ALBANÉS

"Despite the positions I have played in institutional law, I have never ceased. Working this way has helped me so customers know me personally "

"This is a profession of confidence that has not changed in essence its activity itself how to do it. In fact new technologies open up a different world, particularly by the immediacy of things "


BUFETE ALBANÉS & ASOCIADOS is a law firm that has been developing his business for over 30 years ago, both legal advisory work and in the defense of their clients before the courts and / or arbitration bodies.

The firm is composed of a small number of professionals directed and coordinated by Antonio Albanés Membrillo, a lawyer with a long and experienced career in the idea that the most important thing in the attorney-client relationship is trust, for whose implementation and development personal contact is essential. The underlying spirit among its components is to maintain an agile and direct style of work, personalized and imbued with traditional values ​​of the legal profession deal.

In the treatment of matters entrusted, BUFETE ALBANÉS & ASOCIADOS guarantees a deep knowledge and long experience, coupled with a rigorous analysis in developing solutions and fluency extensive information about the state of affairs entrusted.

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